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The Advantage Hiring A Creative Director...
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I provide years of knowledge and creative solutions to develop a consistent brand image for companies and non profit organisations. Creative knowledge of marketing techniques,implementing strategic applications using art and graphic design, integrating public relations communication, advertising and digital media.
Marketing using the Internet is an important part of the marketing plan, designing for digital media in collaboration with print and non-traditional Guerrilla strategy to promote products or services on the streets or other public places. This involves getting the attention of the public.

  • Working closely with the CEO and assigned team leaders.
  • Directly managing the team, keeping them on track and delivering on-schedule, and providing mentorship
  • Producing assets (images, videos, etc) from scratch for clients that can be run as ads on FB/Insta/Snapchat and can be used on landing pages on the client site, keeping in mind that it is all Direct Response.
  • Providing creative direction and insights to clients - such as what creative story is performing well for them, what isn't and making recommendations to test new creative campaign ideas.
  • Developing original concepts, constantly evolving and pushing boundaries, and bring ideas to life
  • Speaking passionately and clearly about the* brand strategy* with clients on topics such as logo redesign, commenting on their brand guide, helping their brand evolve overall and scale with their business
  • Working through operational challenges and putting in place a creative process that allows the team to do their best work
  • Involved in recruiting and hiring additional creative team members
  • Regularly reporting on creative performance and provide high-level metrics and takeaways.

The ideal clients require an experienced creative thinker at the highest level, but also understands the importance of execution of the smallest detail.

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