If Not Now… When?

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What You Can Do Today To Enhance Your Creativity

Ready to embrace the creative within? Start with a few easy tricks:

  • Relax: Take a walk, play a game. Let your mind be free of its normal obligations.
  • Stop self-editing: Don’t be afraid to have an idea; don’t think that every idea is “stupid.” Give yourself the freedom to think freely. Critical thinking can come later.
  • Don’t give up: While relaxation and free thinking can help you start to be more creative, creativity also requires daily practice, discipline, and time. Some of the most creative people come up with their best ideas only after hours, days, weeks, or years of creative thought and critical thinking about a problem or question. If the “a-ha” moment doesn’t strike you right away, take solace in the fact that it rarely does.

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Creative Collaborator Center – Join the Creative Cafe