Patrick Raymond Young

Dress to Impress

Roy Roger, Lassie and John Wayne  influenced.

Patrick Raymond

Born in Bakersfield. Oldest of 5 siblings.
I often tell the story that the sit-com show "Happy Days" was based from my family.
Mom and Dad met each other at a Drive-in Hamburger Stand. Mom worked as wateriest on skates with an Elizabeth Taylor figure. Dad proudly mounted his 650 Triumph motorcycle, with his long side burns, leather jacket, levi pants rolled up the leg bottoms with a pompadour hair style. It truly was the best of the 50s and 60s.

What We Learn Along the Way

We are the product of we experiences.
However we always have the choice to embellish the positive and dismiss the negative past.
Which means that we all see the world in a different way. In our own unique way.  Simply, my truth is not your truth. We all see and experience our world in a  personalized way. Our life experiences create expectations and belief systems which are uniquely our own.
The choice is ours to learn more, to be the best self.


Learned to Pose

Founder & CEO of
Pivotal Synergy Business Leadership
TICKTALK Networking

Patrick Raymond

Learned to Make Freinds

Gordon Capp
James McDaniel
Kim Delaney

Patrick Raymond Artist

Learned the Art of Business

Create, Present and Sell Artwork
Developing Loyal Cliental

20 plus years experiences
as a commercial artist.

Patrick Raymond

Learned to Laugh

Humor and Fun brings friends together

Best friends have the BEST Stories.

Patrick Raymond Drawing

Learned to Draw a Pose

Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Designer,
Director, Web Developer

Patrick Raymond Drawing

Learned to Draw Portraits

Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Designer,
Director, Web Developer

Patrick Mural Samples

Learned to Market & Advertise

Commercial Artist, Creative Director & Muralist

Patrick Raymond

Learned to Speak to Inspire

Speaker Artist, Corporate Storyteller,
Speech Coach, Award Winning Speaker

Patrick Raymond Drawing

Learned to Celebrate Other Sucessess

Cheers to All that Thrive to Achieve to be the Best They Can Be!

Patrick Raymond

Learned to Serve

USA Army 1974


Learned to Rebuild & Refurbish

1968 Camero - restored to it's original  off the lot new. 


Learned to Love & Commit

Ruby Boulton-Raymond & Bear

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Learned to be a Good Host

Pivotal Synergy Leadership Business Networking Installation of Board Members.

No Issue to Big or Small...

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